Chad Season 1.5 DVD
$15 (+ shipping)
NTSC format, All-Region

Featuring the Training Videos
>> Six episodes: Chad tries to use his own homemade videos to teach Empire Market employees how to deal with spies, shoplifters, proper workplace attire, cleanup and more!
>> Commentary on the training videos by Chad himself

>> The Empire Market Training Video Fiasco - a "documentary" examining the unfortunate repercussions of Chad's training videos for Empire Market employees and customers

and also...
>> The Blame Society All-Star Tribute to Chad - Various characters from the Blame Society universe pay tribute to everyone's favorite Day-shift manager
>> Chad sings Chocolate Rain
>> Music video
>> Chad meets Obama Girl
>> Chad gets interviewed by Buns and Chou Chou on the Rabbit Bites show
>> Santa Claus gives Chad for XMas
>> Matt, Aaron and Chad go to YouTube Live
>> Blame Society updates from Aaron and Matt, featuring fan comments, cats and more