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April 4, 2011 - Plan 9!


Hey Blame Society Fans, how are you?

You know, we've always wanted to come up with a name for Blame Society Fans.  Blame Societors? Blame Societals? Blame Socialites?  Sociatards? You tell us.

Anyway, our big news is, we're going to be movie stars!  Well, B-movie stars. Next week we'll be playing characters in a big budget remake of "Plan 9 From Outer Space".  We're both very excited because our characters get beheaded and stabbed by zombies.  You can learn more at the Plan 9 site:

Rebecca Black has taken the world by storm with her amazingly catchy and cleverly written (and by cleverly written I mean not cleverly written, really really not cleverly written) song "Friday" which the esteemed satirist Chad Vader just had to spoof:

Hey remember Chad Vader season 1? Remember the godawful video resolution? Youtube had small size limits back then, but not anymore!  Chad Vader is now up in glorious upgraded HD! You'll notice things you never noticed before--subtle expressions, extras, and maybe even a couple background jokes you couldn't see before.  Start here:

And if you want a taste of something a little different, check out Beer and Board Games episode 2 "Talisman" to see two grown men trying to play a board game while getting extremely wasted.

Two new episodes of this coming up soon!

Aaron and Matt

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