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Directory of Featured Collaborators
Name  Position Website
Aaron Yonda Blame Society Productions - Owner, Director, Writer, Actor, Editing
Adam Koralik Crew, Actor, Special Effects Supervisor (also filmmaker)
Andrew Keeley Yonda Music Composition, Photography
Asa Derks Actor
Bill Bolz Actor
Brad Knight Actor, Comedian
Charley Brown Motion Graphics and Digital Effects - including Chad Vader's lightsaber
Christina LaVicka Actor
Courtney Collins Producer, Music Composition and Vocals, Casting, Acting
Craig Johnson Actor, Comedian
Drew Parrotte Crew
Dylan Brogan Actor, Comedian, Grip, Production Assistant
Emily Mills Grip/Boom Operator (also writer, actor, musician)
Emre Cihangir Visual Effects (also editor, animator)
Eric "Wolfgang" Stein Actor, Comedian
Eric Zitske Field Audio, Lighting, Grip
Gary Duffey Special Props and Set Design
Jason Stephens Actor, Comedian
John Lee Sound Engineer (architect of Chad Vader's voice), Special Props
John Urban Lighting Designer, Assistant Director, Camera (also writer, photographer, filmmaker)
Justin Sprecher Camera, Grip, Lighting, Effects
Karen Moeller Actor
Kate Sprecher Actor
Kathy Fischer Grip, Production Support, Photography (also filmmaker)
Kirk W. Everson Grip, Production Support, Acting
Linda Hedenblad Actor, Production Assistant (also comedian)
Matt Sloan Blame Society Productions - Owner, Director, Writer, Actor, Editing
Mike Rafferty Music Composition
Paul Guse Actor, Comedian
Rick Fatke Sound Mixer, Gaffer, Assistant Director (also filmmaker)
Rob Matsushita Actor (also filmmaker)
Sarah Rogers Actor, Comedian
Sean Moore Actor, Comedian
Tona Williams Camera, Graphic Design, Web Design (also filmmaker)
 Blame Society Productions