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Courtney Collins

Producer, Music Composition and Vocals, Casting, Acting



Hi! I've been involved with Blame Society since 1998. My contributions include fun stuff like producing, casting, voiceovers, acting, writing assistance, answering emails, location scouting, helping manage the Blame Society social networking sites, and slightly less exciting stuff like bookkeeping, organizing, and scheduling. Producing Chad Vader and contributing ideas to Hal Thompson Complete Idiot and The Baby Cookie Show have been among my latest endeavors.

I'm also a musician and my tra-la-las show up in a bunch of Blame Society videos. My music and more resides at

As a voice actress, I sometimes do PSAs and corporate narrations, but I'm pretty sure my first voiceover credit ever comes from Blame Society, way back in the day...

Did I mention I'm the "guardian" of Baby Cookie, having procured her back when I was 2? Should I mention that? Hmmm.... "

Producing: Chad Vader, Hal Thompson Complete Idiot

Occasional Casting: Chad Vader, Hal Thompson Complete Idiot, Fun Rangers, and more

Acting: The Splu Urtaf Show, Passive Aggressive Man, Ape Cop, When The Lord Attacks, Dukes of Hazzard Credits, Hearts Desire Music Video, and more

Music: Chad Vader, Ape Cop, Dock Jump, and more

 Blame Society Productions